-Omas Thompson

TRIPLE-G-WOW aka 3G-WOW is a Inspirational clothing line that stands for Giving God Glory-(through)- Words of Wisdom. 
Its purpose is using apparel with biblical scriptures and photos to motivate, inspire, renew, or change one's perspective on their life by using 3 factors that initiates a 4th. Those factors includes what we see, read, and hear initiating another term called kinesthetically which is what we do or go through in life. In biblical term its also called trials and tribulations. 
My company helps others who may or may not be involved in church or religious groups, to still be able to capture a message that may be needed for inspiration, motivation, or a reminder of God's word. Whether it may be for a loss of a loved one, an excitement for a accomplishment, feeling of loneliness, to put a pep in your step, or new life beginnings entering the world.
I believe that you never know what someone may be going through, but if no one else can help... GOD CAN!
His words has helped me to make it this far so by me thanking him for helping me through my own trials and tribulations; I'm giving back by using fashion which is the #1 trend to spread true Words of Wisdom to others who may need to hear it, see it, or read it.